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Benefits of building a ‘design-build’ home

Nobody knows more about you and your family’s unique housing needs than you. Our team will help you realize your vision with our five-phase approach of custom home design and building.

You Choose

When you decide to build a custom home, you are taking control of every aspect of your home. From location and lot size to home style, wall colours, lighting and external siding material, the customization that you can add to your home is endless. By taking the time now to choose elements that are important to you, you can design your home to make these a priority to build a long lasting living solution.


Building your own home means that not only can you select the style of furnishings for your home, but also the quality and durability. When you purchase a pre-built home, you may end up with appliances that you don’t like or that are of a lower quality than you would prefer. Similarly, some of these appliances may be inefficient or bad for the environment. Choosing to build a custom home means peace of mind when it comes to selecting furnishings that will last your family for many years to come.


Hiring a custom home builder gives you the opportunity to choose a floor layout and room sizes that will best suit you and your family’s needs. For some, even cabinet, flooring, and window and door selections can make a huge impact on everyday living. Custom homes also give you the advantage of including energy efficient designs in your floor plans that will save you money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Features such as vinyl-sealed windows, automated thermostats and insulated interior walls and doors significantly reduce the amount of energy it takes to moderate your home’s temperature throughout the seasons.

Support From the Pros

When you begin planning for your new custom home you can consult construction and design professionals to streamline your vision. The ability to discuss floor plans and lay outs with people who have lots of experience gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast your ideas with current home building trends before beginning to build your own home.

A Cookie Cutter Won't Do

The decision to build a custom home means no longer having to settle for houses for sale that are lacking certain design aspects that are important to you. We value the importance of having a home that doesn’t look like every other house on the block. Whether it is a unique loft, bay windows or another one-of-a-kind home feature, custom home building gives you the freedom to include it in your design. When it comes to building a home, it truly is the little things that count.
House built from a project


What Our Clients Saying?

5 Phase Building Approach

In our minds, building a custom home is not a simple decision of location and which materials to use.

The effort put into crafting a new home is a commitment that we take very seriously. It is this commitment that has led to the development of Usar’s 5 phase philosophy of building that combines functional design and unique, one-of-a-kind elements.