The Company

Usar Contracting & Design Inc.

5 Phase Building Approach

In our minds, building a custom home is not a simple decision of location and which materials to use.

The effort put into crafting a new home is a commitment that we take very seriously. It is this commitment that has led to the development of Usar’s 5 phase philosophy of building that combines functional design and unique, one-of-a-kind elements.



Usar is a custom home consulting and contracting company in Surrey, BC that was founded in 2004. We service the Greater Vancouver Area by offering a full service custom home building solution, from concept to finished project.

Our vision is that by working with all aspects of the home building process including architectural, construction and design professionals from the beginning, we can create a more seamless home construction experience and superior final product. We believe that wonderful homes are made when design and unique ideas meet solid technical and structural components

Members of the Usar management team have worked in all aspects of the home building process, including construction site work, home building material sales, spec home building and beyond. After having the opportunity to explore the many different avenues of general contracting, custom homes was found to be our niche because of our wide skill set and experience in the industry.

Let’s work together to start designing & developing your dream home today.