Our Approach

Our Approach

Our approach image background of a building and a project manager

Our Approach

Let us help you realize your custom home construction goal with our tried and true design process.

Usar’s award-nominated projects featuring the latest technology and designs have served as long-term homes for our clients to enjoy. By designing and building homes case-by-case for each of our customers, we ensure a long-term building solution that will last for years.


We are registered and are in good standing with WorkSafeBC.

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For a complimentary assessment, and we will show you how we can build the home of your dreams.


5 Phase Building Approach

In our minds, building a custom home is not a simple decision of location and which materials to use. The effort put into crafting a new home is a commitment that we take very seriously. This commitment has led to the development of Usar’s 5 phase philosophy of building that combines functional design and unique, one-of-a-kind elements.


We will meet with you to find out exactly how we can help you build the home of your dreams. Using our more than 20 years of industry experience and your vision, we will work together to create a house you and your family can make into a home.


Next, we draft the building plan to apply for the appropriate permits and permissions to build your home. Our experience in multiple cities and municipalities has given us an advantage in pre-building preparation. Let us handle the paperwork so you can focus on the aspects of your new home that matter to you most.


Our friends at Intermind Design have won multiple Georgie and Ovation awards for their excellence in interior design throughout BC. Our partnership with them helps us provide you with experienced and knowledgeable design professionals who will make your new house a stylish, functional and unforgettable home. By having a clear interior design focus before building, we can ensure that the home will be built as the perfect canvas for your home furnishing plans.


Our experience in the many different aspects of the building industry has allowed us to refine the building phase of custom homes in numerous ways. A more structured process before building begins results in faster building times. More structurally sound houses and a reduction in waste on production sites. We want you to love your custom home, so we have regular check-ins with clients during the building phase to ensure that project aspects come to life exactly as planned. Our experienced and talented staff allow us to offer luxury building services in Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas in BC.


We want to ensure that you will be happy with the results once your custom home is completed. We meet with all of our customers after the building phase is finished to ensure everything is in order and to see if there is anything else we can do to complete your dream home.

Interior design services

Interior design services provided by Intermind Design

Intermind Design Inc is one of the most awarded Design-Build boutique companies in Greater Vancouver. Where every aspect of the project, from architectural & interior design, management, quality and budget control, are solely coordinated by the designer.

Intermind Design is an Award-Winning Design-Build Firm

By “Intermind” we wanted to signify the importance of an intelligent holistic approach to design.

Our dedication is to ascertain the best possibilities of any space whether it be a new home, a room, an office, or a warehouse. At Intermind Design we will be there for you from inspiration to transformation to ensure that everything is done just right.