Custom Designed Homes & Contracting Company

Custom Designed Homes & Contracting Company

Turn Your Dream into Reality

Living sustainably in the house of your dreams doesn’t have to remain a distant dream. With Usar, your custom dream home can be turned into a reality. Using our expertise in designing, retrofitting, and building custom homes for energy efficiency, we have the solutions you need to live life in the home you’ve imagined. With Usar, your dream home is within reach. Fill out the form below to get started with your free consultation.

    Services We Offer

    Passive Home Consultation

    Passive House Design and Consultation

    Usar provides expert advice on designing energy-efficient, sustainable homes that meet Passive Home standards or BC Step Code requirements.

    Advanced Passive House Design and Consultation

    We incorporate building code expertise into Passive House designs, ensuring projects meet energy efficiency and regulatory requirements. We provide comprehensive solutions integrating passive home principles with local building codes for seamless project execution.

    Passive Home Building Certification Support

    We guide clients through the requirements of obtaining Passive House certification for their new or renovated homes. Our team ensures that all criteria are met for a successful certification process.

    Energy Efficient Home Consultation

    Home Energy Retrofit Solutions

    Usar offers consulting services for retrofitting existing homes to improve energy efficiency and comfort.

    Energy Efficiency Assessments

    We also perform comprehensive energy efficiency assessments and provide recommendations for improving home energy efficiency.

    Residential Project Consultation

    Project Management

    We oversee and manage residential projects from design to completion, ensuring adherence to standards and optimal performance. Our project management services ensure timely and efficient execution.

    Integrated Project Management

    Usar will oversee residential projects from inception to completion, ensuring compliance with Passive House or local code standards, investment goals, and building codes. We coordinate with architects, builders, and regulatory bodies to streamline project execution and achieve optimal results.


    The Difference In Custom Home Design and Contracting Company

    Working with Usar means having expert support every step of the way. From designing, consulting, and assessments to retrofitting, building, and integrated project management, we’ll be with you from conception to completion. Here are more reasons to choose Usar:
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