14530 Mann Park Crescent

About Project

Sleek Modern
  • Project Title Caribbean Residence
  • Client The Grewal Family, including the Nanny
  • Category Single Family Home with Full Basement
  • Location White Rock, Flat with Beach Access Trails

Project Summary

In response to the pressing concerns of global warming, the Grewal family voluntarily elevated their home's energy efficiency by adhering to Step 3 of energy conservation protocols. With fewer than 2 air exchanges per hour, the entire basement was constructed with an ICF foundation, while exterior insulation was applied to all wood framing, including the rooftop. Emphasizing clean lines, the design features overhangs for shading and rain protection, with a rooftop deck offering panoramic ocean views.

Project Challenges

Maintaining floor-to-ceiling windows with structurally supported overhangs presented intricate challenges in cantilevering. Extensive collaboration among consultants was required to overcome these obstacles. The design of the main staircase, featuring floating solid walls and unique angles, required on-site adjustments to achieve a sculptural masterpiece. Incorporating LED strip lighting into the soffit was carefully planned for a sleek appearance. Strict code requirements were met for the ICF deck suspended slab in the garage over the legal suite. Innovative hidden main and garage doors were devised, while full-size window wells and large sliding doors in the basement eliminated the feeling of being underground.

Project 14530 - Foundation of the renovation

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