4386 44 Ave.

About Project

Estate Development
  • Project Title Subdividing Three Lots for Family Legacy
  • Client Bob and Sally Frain
  • Category Custom Home with Accessible Suite for Young Sister
  • Location 4386 44 Avenue, Langley, BC V3A 3E7

Project Summary

The Frain family embarked on a project to subdivide their property into three lots. They intended to give one lot with a house to their son, sell off another vacant lot, and build a new house on the third newly created lot. This involved obtaining approval from the Agriculture Land Commission and navigating the land subdivision process. The ultimate goal was to create a lasting family legacy.

Project Challenges

The project faced challenges due to the presence of trees surrounding the property and compliance with the Agriculture Land Reserve (ALR) buffer requirements, which proved to be time-consuming. Additionally, navigating the formalities of servicing the lots added further complexity to the process.

Project 4386 - Exterior foundation 11

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