10220 Caithcart Rd

About Project

Grandma's Dream Home
  • Project Title A Haven with Rental Suites
  • Client Miss Sran
  • Category Single Family Home with Two Separate Rental Suites
  • Location 10220 Caithcart Road, Richmond

Project Summary

Following the loss of her husband and years spent in their old home, Miss Sran envisioned building her dream house—a sanctuary with the added benefit of rental suites for additional income. This project aimed to fulfill her long-held desire while providing potential for future sales.

Project Challenges

The project encountered significant challenges due to the presence of large trees lining the street. Tree roots obstructed utility connections, necessitating extensive excavation and adjustments. Moreover, the site’s history as the fifth house in Richmond requiring sand fill before construction added complexity to the project.

project 1020 backyeard area

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